Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sudden Hair Loss

I can count the number of times I have cut my hair drastically on one hand (now, four fingers to be exact). So, what is it about my hair - that am I so resistant to let it go? Or, shall I say - why do I want to let it grow?

I have been desperate for a trim for months and when I went in yesterday I was thinking that I would cut a little more off than I normally do (come on, six inches is a big step for me!). So, I called my sister Genevieve just before I went in, to get myself the support I needed to make the change...She obliged.

I had researched "Locks of Love" a couple years ago when a friend of mine had donated. She said that they would only take virgin hair and I automatically thought I wouldn't be a candidate - since I had a weak moment a few years ago and lightened my hair for a quick pick-me-up. But, for the heck of it - I asked my hairdresser, Danielle, just to make sure I couldn't donate. I was delighted to hear that I could donate my hair!!! I figured they would need about 6 inches but they need a minimum of 10 inches...So, with enthusiasm I exclaimed "CUT IT"! She took a total of 11 inches for Locks of Love and another 2 came off with the styling of my hair. It is funny to think that my hair was atleast 2 feet in length! That's plain ridiculous!

All in all, I have a sense of liberation, but there is a sadness, too. If you think about it, my long hair has sure been around for a lot - the longest parts were probably around when Frank and Kate were first married, all the next generation of the Smith family being born (five grands), both Genevieve's and my own wedding, and my hair was around when Dad was alive. SO, there is alot of reasons why I mourn......But there is much to look forward to - starting with the fact that I will hopefully make someone happy with the recycling of my hair.

And, there is one thing I know for sure - it will grow back!

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