Wednesday, October 4, 2006


Last week my friend Kathy offered me a free airline ticket that had to be used by Oct 8th.. so she and I went to Maine last weekend. She attended UMO in 1980 and 1981 and wanted to see if she could find any of her friends, visit the campus, see the coast of Maine, and eat some lobster. We did all that PLUS see as much family as I could see while we were there...
We made our way up the coast and the more north we drove the more colors that came out. In the northern most part of our journey the trees were on fire with color!
I really appreciated this trip in many ways. I have never gone to Maine and surprised my whole family before(I once surprised Genevieve in 2004 but everyone else was in on my plan). The only person who knew that I was coming this time was Gram. I had to have her help me to know what was going on in northern Maine with Mom....and how I would best surprise her.

Another reason that I loved this trip is that I hadn't seen the fall colors since 1996....I remember it was a great year of color on the Allagash river in northern Maine. I was on a canoe trip with Mom, Dad, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mark.

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