Monday, August 14, 2006

A new look

* * HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEFF!!!!! * * I love you!

Since we bought our camp (cabin) on Big Sky Lake in Feb 2005 I have been wanting to paint over the paneling (there are four different types of paneling in the living room alone!) for a quick fix to making things feel lighter and brighter. Well, over the past couple weeks I finally got around to the project! It took me three days total. I used an oil based primer and then just one coat of paint!

Jeff and I stayed up there for a night this past weekend and I am so glad that Jeff loved it too! He said that it felt like it was more "ours". I agree. He had this great idea of how to rearrange the furniture so that the living room seems more user friendly and less cluttered! Good job, Jeff!

I am sad that I won't be able to go up to the lake for the next few weeks to further admire my work- but I will be in MAINE with Jeff and family! There is nothing better than that.

The next time I will stay at the lake is probably Sept 8th. I am doing a 57k (35mi) trail race on Sept 9th in the mtns called the Swan Crest Trail Run #7. It will be my first extreeeemely long trail run. What am I thinking? I guess I'm always up for a little pain and suffering! hee hee!

Yesterday I went running with my friend Erik - we went up the Rattlesnake to Franklin Bridge (16 miles). I am not sore today, so that is a very good sign.

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