Thursday, August 17, 2006

clowns to the left of me.....jokers to the i am stuck on permanent hold with horizon air

Jeff and I are sitting here in our home office....feeling very sad and angry that we aren't in Seattle waiting to board our red eye flight to Boston for our weekend with family at Nicataus Lake in northern Maine. There is a man's voice on the phone that tells us to visit the website to check out the specials, and to thank us for holding and then from time to time a song starts to play: "...clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you..." Jeff says what an appropriate song!

The excitement about this trip has been building over the last couple months...and we were loaded onto a flight that was supposed to leave at 7:40pm from Missoula. We were settling into our seats and pulling out our reading material when the pilot stepped out of the cockpit to make an announcement. "I have some bad news for you folks. This plane was struck by lightning during its flight from Seattle and we are not going to be able to fly this plane out of Missoula tonight. It is damaged!" We were really disheartened to hear this news but still had hope that we would be able to get out of Missoula on another plane. 5 minutes later as we sat at the gate we found out that there were going to be no flights tonight...

Anyway, to make a long story short, we are not getting into Boston tomorrow morning at 6:23am. We won't be able to get to Boston until 5pm tomorrow then the rest of the family will be at the lake so we got the airline to get us all the way to Bangor. From Boston we got the airline to fly us into Bangor (10pm) tomorrow where we will get into David's truck which he will be leaving for us in the parking lot. We will get to the cabin at about midnight.

We will miss a whole day with Mom, Genevieve, David, Frank, Jim, Katie, Sam, Addison, William and Anna. But at least we will get there. We are going to miss William's 2 year birthday party tomorrow - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUDDY!! See you soon!

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