Wednesday, September 26, 2012


These past four months with Campbell in our lives have been filled with many firsts as you might imagine.  First smile, first time staying somewhere besides home, first trip to Maine, first long chunk of sleep for Mom and Dad.

This last weekend was the kind of first I like to write about.  First camp out in a tent with all of us, including Skagit.  This Summer I didn't get a chance to backpack in like I have the past few years with Astrid.  The smoke which is stuck in our valley much of the time has kept us from enjoying long periods of time in the outdoors (with the little ones) in these late Summer months.  So before much more time passed I thought we should camp out on the island at least once this Summer!  Everyone else agreed.

So late in the afternoon on Saturday Astrid and I paddled out and set up camp.

Astrid found some rocks near the dock that she wanted to take with us to the island.

Skaggy swam as you can see.
Self portrait.  We were trying to decide exactly where to sit the tent before we started.
Jeff and I thought it would be best if one of us set camp up early, come back and eat dinner at the cabin, then paddle back out and stay the night.  There were some times of doubt when I thought maybe Jeff and Astrid should go to the island without Campbell and me.  ...Maybe she hadn't had enough sleep during the day and maybe she would have a bad night in the tent...These doubts melted away as the time came closer for us to hop in the boats.  I didn't want to miss out...and that was the bottom line.

If I hadn't come I would have missed out on the story Jeff read Astrid by flashlight...(thank goodness for 1600 iso!)

and this wouldn't have happened, either!:
My pal, Campbell and I waited patiently for the other half of our family to wake up!
This was the smokey sunrise taken from the canoe as I paddled the back to the dock with the gals.  Jeff stayed to break down the tent whileI started the coffee and made breakfast on the mainland!
The night was long and I was awake for most of it in 5-15 minute increments worrying about Campbell and Astrid being warm enough, about Campbell crying and waking up the rest of the tent dwellers, about Skagit lying on top of Astrid and pushing her out of her sleeping bag....etc.  It was such a great adventure with the kids at the ages they are.  I'm so looking forward to many more trips like this next season.  Life is so full and so rich and so very sleepless these days.  Sleep is overrated anyway.

On the way home Sunday I called my Grammy Folsom and as I described it to her "it was sooo soooooo much fun... in a sleepless kind of a way."  That spurred her to tell me the story about the night she and Auntie Carlene stayed out on the island with some of the cousins and the mosquitoes were so thick they couldn't get them all out of the tent and it was almost unbearable and Christine (my cousin) sneezed all night from allergies, and.. and.. and.  She also told me about the time she was 13 or 14 and wanted so badly to go camping that her parents arranged for an 18 year old girl to take her for the week (she wasn't allowed to go camping with all her brothers).  It rained the entire week they were out and she says she remembers laughing above all else.  Everything was waterlogged and just awful and there is (Gram) Agnes laughing up a storm at the whole affair.  The 18 year old didn't know what do think about her...but they stayed in touch for years after the harrowing camping experience. In both instances she said that they had the time of their lives and I believe it.  Mostly because I'm the kind of person who thinks that if you don't have some sort of hurdle (large or small) or shared hardship it's a trip that won't cling to memory.

This one will cling to memory for quite some time.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Campbell's birth story

Hello world!  I feel like I'm back in the land of the living after a restful Memorial Day weekend.

Well, Miss Campbell Genevieve is 2 1/2 weeks old and the time has just flown by!  It must be all that lack of sleep the first two weeks!  She still has night and day confused, but I'm getting tons of good rest now that I'm going to stop trying to worry about putting her in the bassinet in the middle of the night just to be catapulted out of bed ten minutes later since she wants her Mama close...  I'm listening to my heart and what works for us.  Astrid slept with us for 7 weeks, and it looks like this one will do the same.

Now that I'm healing enough not to be using the jerry bottle every time I go to the bathroom, and my boobs aren't quite as traumatized, I can finally write what I've been wanting to tell you about.  Her birth story.

Campbell Genevieve took her ol' sweet time to come out, different from her sister who came two and a half weeks early.  Campbell came one day before her due date.

At about 3 am on Monday, May 14th (the day after Mother's Day) I got up to go to the bathroom for the umpteenth time and felt a familiar crampy twinge I hadn't felt in nearly four years...then Skagit came into our room and laid down next to my side of the bed staring at me with wide, perceptive eyes in the near dark room (starting her "labor" vigil, just as she had done with my labor with Astrid).  At that moment I knew that I would be having a baby that day.  I tried going back to sleep but I was too excited and nervous.  I wasn't sure if I had all my camera gear packed, so I whispered softly in Jeff's ear "today is the day" and I got up to get some things together, showered, and at the first hint that Astrid was waking I sneaked into her room and crawled into bed to snuggle with her warm little body, knowing that our world would soon shift and take another adventurous turn into the unknown.  A world with two children....  Her world adding a brother or a sister.

I was happy to labor at home, like last time, but this time things were a bit more tricky.  My Doc was worried if I waited too long (since the delivery was so swift with Astrid) I might have a baby in the hospital parking lot. We also had another child to worry about.  So, at around 9am I called my friend Kathy and she came over right away.  The contractions were getting close (6 min apart) but not exactly regular...sometimes there would be an odd 10 or 12 minute gap.  The intensity of the contractions was getting up there, but I still had my doubts that we should go in....I could converse and laugh in between contractions just fine.  What finally convinced me that we should go is that the intensity was enough that Jeff and Kathy had to try to explain to Astrid why I couldn't immediately respond to her questions while I was going through a toe curling contraction.  So off we headed.
Just before we left for the hospital I couldn't resist one last photo with my girl Astrid and the babe (still contained).  Contractions 6 minutes apart.

When we were admitted I was already 6cm dilated, and I was relieved to find out I was far enough along in the process to stay put.  It was around 10-10:30 am.  The labor was longer this time, but way less intense as a whole.  I don't remember being able to talk between contractions, in fact I don't remember opening my eyes much at all before once I got to the hospital.  Jeff and I had a great time talking and hanging out for nearly 5 hours in our room and walking the hall a few times.

A whole new chapter began when I reached 8 - 9 cm around 2:45pm.  The pain was off the charts and I was getting very nervous that the baby's head might crown before the Doc could make it over from his on campus office.  When I was a full 9 cm the delivery nurse broke my water and a whole new level of pain passed through me, and I vomited for what seemed like an eternity of water.  I had purposely fasted all day knowing this is exactly what had happened before (with Astrid's birth).  This moment and the next 15 minutes of my life were the most acutely painful ones of my life, but it was my intention to feel every ounce of that baby pushing out into this world (just as I did with Astrid).

At 3pm I was fully dilated and could finally push.  Strangely, just like last time, it was the last thing I felt like doing.  I sort of just thought if I close my eyes and stay very very still maybe this would all just melt away...  After I got used to the idea of pushing I think it was 5 painful pushes and the little one was out, and crying, and taking the first breaths of new life!  A few seconds after being pulled from my warm belly we discovered she was a girl!!  For nine months we'd been calling this little person growing inside me "Hogan" and it was a girl!  Second biggest surprise of my life, since I thought Astrid was a boy, too!  We were so unprepared for a girl in fact Campbell Genevieve Moore didn't get her name until almost 3 days after she was born.  Jeff and I were never able to come together on a girl's name in the nine months we had!  Alas, the name came at eleven o'clock at night two days after she was born.  It is perfect!  Campbell is Jeff's Mom's maiden name and is also big sister Astrid's middle name.  Genevieve is the perfect middle name for this daughter that I never thought we would be lucky enough to have.  We are complete.

Our newest love.  Campbell Genevieve Moore.

We had this plan that Astrid would be the third person (besides the hospital staff) who met and discovered (for herself) if she was a boy or a girl.  This is that very moment.  Jeff went home to get her and bring her in. Jeff captured this image.  Astrid literally checking out Campbell's "parts".

A closer look

As soon as Astrid arrived and discovered that she had a sister she wanted so badly to hold her and love and cuddle her.  She was on the phone with my brother (Uncle David) and he told me later that she said "This is what I've AAAAAAlways wanted."  I believe it.

In the days since Campbell's birth she has been the most helpful assistant, and most loving sister anyone could ever have...well except for maybe my sister....and that is why we chose the name Genevieve.

Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm here!

Just a little note to say that I'm still here and we have lots of news to report.  I have had a hard time finding time to sneak an entry about Campbell's birth story, but I'm hoping I'll be able to on Monday afternoon.

I wanted to post what ended up being the last two photos for my self-portrait project that ended the day Campbell was born (May 14th)...along with my notes for each.  I enjoyed this project so much and after Campbell's birth there was a monstrous void that was left so I decided to start another project "Self Portraits: My New Life".  Obviously I will not be able to post something every day, but I'm thinking it will be frequent.  I'll post some of those in the next entry, as well.

Day 66 -> 39.5. REFLECTION. Today was the first day I REALLY REALLY felt tired. It set in around 10 am and lasted all day. I had nagging cramps all night, and between that and the 400 tinkle breaks... I got no sleep last night. The excitement is building around here and the frequency of calls from loved ones is increasing with each passing day. Everyone is excited to meet this little one.

I am LOVING this weekend. It has been hot enough to pop the sweet scent of lilacs in the Missoula Valley. My friend Margaret made me a bouquet from her lilac bush (behind me) and the scent has infiltrated my house. I am one happy mama!

Day 67 -> 39.6. MOTHER'S DAY - RELAXATION. Today was such a great day! Jeff and Astrid took me out to breakfast... then we did a whole bunch of outside chores that needed to be accomplished around the house. Had lunch. Then we camped out in the backyard doing THIS all afternoon in 80 degree weather. At one point Jeff even got in the pool with Astrid. It was one of those days I wanted to pinch myself it was so good.

Here is a peek at our new little girl:  Campbell Genevieve Moore.  Oh my goodness, she is so special.

Someone is quite smitten with their new sister.  She has so much love for this little nugget, you have no idea.  I love to see them together.

So, more to come on Monday - but I think I made it through the thick of the baby blues.  I knew I was in trouble when I was stopped at a stoplight last Monday when the girls and I were on the way downtown, and noticed a Mama bird hopping along the sidewalk collecting a beak full of twigs.  I started crying and didn't know if I would stop.  It felt good to cry, but a little out of control, too.  Astrid said "Mama are you laughing and crying at the same time?"  I said "yes, I sure am!"  I'm not sure she knew what to make of me.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

necessary luxury

Mom says I should write more, like I used to on this blog..... and I promise I will!  Let me just get this baby out and I will.

I am a changed woman through this photo project, and I'm glad it is coming before we welcome a second child into our family.  Each day of this project (which hit 65 days yesterday) I have given myself permission to think of something everyday that is just for me.  My photography, my vision, the way I piece together and make sense of my world.  I know that might sound strange, but life with a small child and with lots of other demands on my time I feel it has been a luxury.  I'm realizing the word luxury doesn't describe it, now.  It has become necessary.  Maybe working something like this into my everyday is good for every fiber of me.  Yes, eventually I will be able to ride, run, paddle, etc, once I heal from growing a human, but this is just different.  This is my expression and I'm so glad I stumbled upon this and how good it is for me.

Here are the photos I have shot since my last blog entry.  I upload photos daily on my FB Biz page to this album.

Day 57 -> 38.3. I wasn't so sure what I was going to do for a photo today, then ta da I turned and saw the dollhouse! I'm kind of kicking myself that I forgot to include Skagit in this photo, but she was outside lying in the cool grass this evening and I forgot to call her in to pose with us. My hair is an absolute wreck, too, and I'm not sure why...catching up on all this housework, all this "nesting" business, is not so becoming on me, I suppose!!!

Our little mystery babe, we await....are you a girl or a boy? I know one thing for sure, you are worlds different in personality from your sister, Astrid.

I was so sure Astrid was going to be a boy, so I can't be trusted to make THAT kind of guess, but I'm pretty sure if the old wives tale rings true about heartburn/acid reflux you will be born with a whole head of hair. Astrid held true to this, and you've both been cruel to me in that regard.

We are so excited to meet you, little one!

Day 58 -> 38.4. I took a bunch of these photos with Astrid but she was totally not having it today. I had to make another attempt at the Ceretana, this morning. I know this is not the most flattering angle of me, but it sure shows off the babe! I made sure to wear a light colored shirt so I could look nice and BIG and ROUND!

Maybe I could borrow a jib arm and get some different perspectives... we'll see how many days I have left...

Day 59 -> 38.5. We're ready around here. Not necessarily in order of importance...

House decluttered, CHECK.
Bag packed for the hospital, CHECK.
Laundry caught up, CHECK.
Toe nails freshly painted RED,CHECK.
Short list of friends to call when the time comes to care for Astrid and Skagit, CHECK.

Now, we just need to agree on a name for a boy and a name for a girl. It has been more difficult for us than the pregnancy itself. We're getting there, but not quite... To be revealed as soon as we meet the little nugget!!

Day 60 -> 38.6. Here we are. My mind has been all over the place lately....Yesterday I locked myself out of my studio AND my car simultaneously and after exhausting all other possible ways to get into the studio easily I called Jeff. He had to wake Astrid from a nap and drive across town to rescue me.

This weekend we worked together like a well oiled machine in an attempt to get a few more things ready for the new addition. Thanks to the tripod I got locked out of the studio to get, I was able to get a nice perspective of us on the back lawn under a shady tree this evening!

Day 60 of my photo project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!

Day 61 -> 38.7. What a glorious day! Astrid and Skag and I went to the river and chased blue and periwinkle butterflies this afternoon! We are really enjoying every last millisecond of peace and life just the way we are. Astrid and I brought shovels and had fun meditatively digging in the sandy beach just behind this rock I'm sitting on.

Day 62 -> 39 wks. Today I had a newborn session in my home (a beautiful 5 day old perfect little boy named Hunter)...he and his mama brought with them so many memories... those tearful evenings after coming home from the hospital, the fragility I felt in those first few days wondering if I was being a good mama and knowing what was best for my little one, the 12 weeks of painful painful nursing, the many sleepless nights staring down at my beutiful little one in her moonlit room, the pride, and the duties I fully accepted as a new mother. I'm walking down that road again with my eyes wide open and my arms wide open, and ready.

I should be sleeping right now, as my neighbor and friend Dan pointed out tonight... there's just too much anticipation, too much excitement....and quite frankly much tooooo much tinkling going on in the middle of the night, now!

Today would have been a perfect day to be born. My favorite cat from my childhood, Adelaide, would have been 30 years old, today.

Maybe tomorrow.....or better yet, Mother's Day.

Day 63 -> 39.2. Baby, I hope you are ready for all the fun we have outside around here... Your sister and I were outside almost all day... up on Waterworks Hill tromping through wildflowers, weeding the landscaping, riding bikes, throwing the ball for Skag...

I can't stop looking at Astrid with a longing these days. Longing for more time.

I had another photo session today, and this time it was with a Mom of a 19 year old son and a 14 year old daughter. Tina reminded me of how fleeting it all is and to enjoy every minute of this time, because once they hit school, it flies. I do try to live my life in the present, and time will tell.

Speaking of living life in the "present"...Skagit is the very best at practicing it, and she is a great reminder for me daily.

I seriously can't believe it worked out that I could capture this fraction of a second in time... I heard the three beeps (of my intervalometer) and threw an Annie's Cheddar Bunny her way!

Here's a trivia question for you: Did she catch it?

(btw - it is nearly impossible to get Astrid out of THIS particular dress this week. I know you can't tell from this photo but she has an additional dress on underneath that I must also add is buttoned up one button off. Incredibly irresistible, today.)

Day 64 -> 39.3. BIRTH. I had an idea the other night and I'm happy that I went back to this tunnel to attempt bringing concept and execution together!! I'm really happy with the results. Oh my goodness it was COLD in my bare feet and tee shirt. I had to suffer for my vision, but it was well worth it. Go toward the light, little one, out into this big wide world!

A couple hours ago I learned of a friend's passing as I got on the computer to edit these, and it helps to give an alternative meaning for me (today). Bryant, go toward the light, little one! Heaven awaits! Paint it red, Bear....better yet, paint it ORANGE!!!

Day 65 -> 39.4. RIDE. I had another shot I tried to make happen for nearly 45 minutes at the equestrian park near where we live....but, welll, it's B.O.R.I.N.G. I know this isn't much better - but I simply ran out of time....and Astrid's patience was wearing thin.

To be honest, THIS shot was not all that easy. Picture me on this bike, leaned way over while riding (thank goodness it was flat), belly hanging over the seat, with a heavy camera in one hand with strap tightly wound around my wrist several times for safety, trying to point the camera to find focus in the center then reframing the shot to show the trailer and more of the scene, watching to make sure I don't run into Skagit who is barking and chasing a horse in a nearby yard (about to get kicked btw). Oh, and did I mention I'm a few days from my due date and I can feel the baby's head on my seat if I hit any bumps? yeah.

That's my long excuse for a not-so-creative shot, today. But, I got one! And we love biking around the neighborhood so I'm glad I got this for the collection. Our favorite place to ride is on the trail system to town or Kelly Island but because of high water our log bridge is currently underwater and impossible to cross. Astrid loves riding her own bike, too, and I know her days are numbered in the trailer.

THIS was a fun afternoon!


Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there!!!!!  Have a great weekend!  I'm hoping to get some yard work out of my husband today!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

moving toward readiness

This past Sunday Jeff and I finally got Astrid's big girl bed painted and put together in her bedroom.  I'm still getting used to seeing her tiny frame in that big twin bed when I check in on her before I go to bed at night.  Last night when I checked on her it looked as if she had a little smile on her face as she slept....collapsed from a good night of no dinner to speak of and a HUGE piece of her friend's birthday cake!  It was awesome!

Here are the past few photos I've taken for my project including some notes below.  It is 4:30pm today and I still don't have any idea what my photo should be.  Hmmmm...

I post my daily photos on my Facebook Business Page.  I post here, generally, so my Mother can see them - she still has dial up and is not on FB!

Day 54 -> 37.7. We just put Astrid's big girl bed together and it is a pretty big deal around our house. When we said our nightly prayers last night she made sure to add that she was SO thankful for her big girl bed.

This is us reading a book just before her nap this afternoon. She is currently sleeping as I upload this photo...but NOT in this bed...She climbed up and snuggled into her old bed which has been converted back into a crib for Baby. It sits opposite her bed in their shared bedroom.

You know I was a bellyaching fool this morning looking through all these photos I have taken so far. It was overwhelming, really. Astrid didn't know what to do with me...She was very concerned and gave me so many kisses. She couldn't tell whether I was happy or sad. Maybe I couldn't decide either.

I must be close to delivery... I'm so emotional and really just feeling so very very lucky in life. I know everything is going to change around the corner, and mostly I'm excited, but there are parts of me that are clinging to THIS happiness I have right now with Astrid. Life is so BIG and WIDE and WONDERFUL with her RIGHT NOW.

I had a funny thought this morning that my photo album should include a shot of me grabbing desperately for that Pepcid Complete bottle, again, or running to the bathroom for the umpteenth time, or struggling to put my socks on in the morning....but alas, no. I think I'll stick to the more positive parts of pregnancy...

Day 55 -> 38 wks. NATURE: I am at home here in the cottonwoods, ponderosa pines, and surrounded by wildflowers in the Spring. Outside is my favorite place to be. Mountain biking, running, kayaking, skiing, pondering...being. My entire pregnancy with Astrid up until two days before I gave birth I was tramping to the top (or NEAR the top) of Mt Sentinel.

I hear a lot of things while I'm outside. The obvious - bird songs, leaves falling, my dog having fun in the river... And not so obvious...the ones you really REALLY have to listen for... The sound of the trees whispering a secret, stories of loved ones who have passed, the wind's embrace... the sound of your own heart... singing.

Astrid is our outdoor girl, and I can only hope that this next one shares our family's passion for wild places and getting out and being part of nature.

Day 56 -> 38.2. We had to go back up to my friend's house to find my camera remote this afternoon. I have been scouring my camera bag, pocketbook, just everywhere for it. I obviously can do the job without it - I've been using my intervalometer most of the time....The remote just makes life a little easier. As I suspected it was wedged between the seat and backrest of the Henry J I posed in last week.

I was glad to have a reason to go up for a visit since I wanted to get a shot of us next to this beautiful green Ford pickup.

Hmmmmmm, I wonder if anyone can tell I photoshopped the hole in my jeans to try to fool you into thinking that I don't wear these jeans every single day of my life!!!! he he he he! Seriously, I DOOOOO wear these jeans almost every single day of my current life!!! I try to wash them every once in a while, though.


I better think of something for today pretty QUICK!  Oh, inspirational muses come to me, now!!!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

a matter of time...

The project hit 53 days today.  I bet you're wondering if I think of anything else?  Yes, I certainly do, but I don't have time to write it all down here.  I'll write some more of my thoughts a little later this week.  The time is drawing near for us to welcome another little one into the world and we've been busy this weekend...setting up Astrid and baby's shared bedroom.  I can't wait to show you a photo of Astrid's big girl bed tomorrow...  She is overjoyed!

Here are my last several self-portraits of the day along with some notes for each.  I upload my photos everyday to my Facebook Business Page.

Day 44 -> 36.4. This was so much fun! I just got a strap button put on my guitar this week and it reminded me that I should take a photo playing my guitar! SOOOOOOO, while little Miss Astrid was napping this afternoon I played some chords and sang along. It felt so good to take the time for music (and photography) this afternoon.... it always makes me feel so good!

Day 45 -> 36.5. Tonight we rode to one of our favorite neighborhood hangouts. Our sandy beach is currently under water, but we found some cool rocks that found their way into our pockets for our collection...

Day 46 -> 36.6. Now THIS is a tall girl tub! My friend Wilson has this tub out behind his shop....and when it caught my eye from across the yard I knew this would be the focus of my photo for today. He uses this for a watering trough for neighboring horses, but it is an old cowboy tub.

I must have been a sight for friends Margaret and Susie when getting out of this thing to mess with the camera between shots... Tonight marks the first time I have ever had an audience for my photo (besides Astrid), and I was so nervous. I feel most comfortable BEHIND the camera lens.

Wilson also has a 1951 Henry J that he is working on. I was so tempted to take some photos in it - but I want to use it for an official self-portrait of the day - so I'm saving it for tomorrow or later this week.

Day 47 -> 36.7. Ok, kiddo, I'm going to level with you, you're a kickin' FOOL! SOOO different from Astrid in the womb (my mellow and funny hiccup girl). I have felt you kicking since 16 weeks...just after the 10 weeks of nausea finally subsided. You made me SO sick, and I think that I needed to feel you kick to continue to believe that you were actually going to make it. You are such a strong "survivor", baby, and I can't wait to meet you very soon!

By the way, you will know this woman very well! She is part of our friend "family" here in Missoula ~ "Auntie" Kathy.

Skagit could care less what is going on here in our little huddle, her ball is just out of frame, and she is hoping that we'll finally stop whatever it is we are doing, grab the Chuck-It, and THROW IT already.

Day 48 -> 37 wks. My Henry J shot almost didn't happen. There were serious gale force winds at our friends' home that overlooks the Missoula Valley.

I was hoping that Astrid would pose with me, and at first she showed interest, but then she took off in the yard, and this is me quickly trying to locate her. I was so worried that a tree would come down on her, or the wind would pick her little body up and take her away.

I'm glad that didn't happen...

Right after the shutter closed on this photo I raced over to where Jeff was and put him in charge of our little one!

Day 49 -> 37.2. I didn't originally intend on such a serious looking shot today, but I liked it the best of all. I had fun shooting through this fence while Astrid was playing on the slides behind me.

I'm in love with my 50 mm and I decided to shoot it at a VERY shallow depth of field.

Day 50!!! -> 37.3. I had planned to do my photo at the old Ceretana grain silo along the train tracks, but the weather took a turn for the worse and the rain decided to come down in sheets... I only had an hour so I had to think of a plan B. I had considered using Astrid's colorful "Hello Kitty" umbrella and stomp through some puddles, but I couldn't put a concept or plan together at the silo...


Nearby there is this abandoned house I've been admiring for a VERY VERY long time. The rain let up a little and since I wasn't angling the camera/lens up to the sky I was able to use some clothing to protect my camera from the elements.

I just love this beautiful little house... the vibrant colors in the trim, the old paint chipping off revealing more history, weeds taking over every square inch of the front yard. There were about a dozen red tulips just out of frame that still come up every spring that presented a nice contrast.

I'm starting to feel very nostalgic about this pregnancy. I'm on the last days of this long haul, and I feel so appreciative, so FULL, so full of anticipation, but wanting time to stand still for plenty of reasons...

I'm happy this house helped me tell part of my story today... I was at home here on it's beautiful rotting front porch in the rain.

Day 51 -> 37.4. READY TO RECEIVE. This one was sort of funny. I wish I had a photo stepping back from this scene - of how this photo was taken. I didn't have my tripod so I wrapped my camera strap around my neck twice (nearly exfixiating myself), and balanced my heavy camera and lens on my face wedging it against my left bicep/shoulder. I set a 2 second timer so I had a chance to quickly slip my right hand up into frame after focusing on my left hand.

We are ready with open arms to receive this little one whenever he/she decides to join the world outside the womb.

Day 52 -> 37.5. I took this photo in the old plywood building at the Bonner Mill site. I knew this was going to be a dynamic spot for a photo since there was a monstrous puddle of water in the foreground. The buildings are unfathomably large (and TALL, as you can see in the reflection!!!) and I was loving the colors and quality of light entering this particular corner of the building.

I had Jeff step into frame to help me get focus (Astrid and Skag were waiting patiently in the car) since he was there and it sure beats trying to get focus on an inanimate object if I don't need to.

I took several photos of myself in this scene, but I decided blending a shot of both Jeff and I in Photoshop might be really cool... and I really like the way it turned out.

What do you think?

Day 53 -> 37.6. Every weekend I look forward to my hikes with Annibell. It's usually just the two of us and our dogs, but since Astrid learned that "Auntie" Ann will be moving away from Missoula sometime this Summer, I can't shake her. She will do ANYTHING to be able to come with us...

I will go to the ends of the Earth to visit this woman, and have her be a part of my children's' lives. When she moves back to California, our friendship won't skip a beat.

Astrid is trying to copy exactly what "Auntie" Ann does! They both seem to be carrying quite high...

Friday, April 20, 2012

and it goes on...

I'm feeling so connected to this project and that is why it's difficult if I run out of time or if I don't make a good enough effort to get an image I'm proud of each day.  I have 43 images and today is day 44 of my project!  I wonder how many more days this project has?  I'm under a month til my due date, and Astrid came early.  We'll see.  I already have ideas for a "final" shot if I can actually pull it off!  Last night's photo was probably my least favorite of all (at the bottom of this post) - but since my last post I have had some great successes!  Let's see what you think.  Here are the last nine photos along with notes under each.  Photos are posted daily on my Facebook Page in my "self-portrait a day" album.

Day 35 -> 35.2. I almost didn't get this photo last night. I had an idea that I would take a night shot in downtown Missoula or hike up to the "M" late night and take a photo with the city lights in the background. I knew I was going to be downtown hosting our knitting group in my studio last night. To be safe, I probably should have taken a "provisional" photo earlier in the just didn't happen.

I'm very happy with the way this one turned out at 11:47pm, last night!! As it was I had to cover my camera and intervalometer with my sweater due to rain starting to fall!

Day 36 -> 35.3. I wonder if I like the story behind these images almost better than the images themselves? I'm not sure. This photo is nothing to write home about... but came about this evening after a string of somewhat unfortunate events including my dog bounding into the front seat of the car in a single bound and her paw landing full force smack in the middle of our take and bake More

Day 37 -> 35.4. Today we spent some time at the pool downtown. I thought the color of the water would be nice against the bump.

Today was a FULL day spent with my girls in the park, along the river, and ended with a date night with Jeff and some friends overlooking the beautiful Missoula valley!

Day 38 -> 35.5. For as long as I can remember I have had a penchant for old vehicles, especially the ones that have not been fixed up and given new life....but the ones that simply wait in the place that they have occupied for years and years...some of them losing the battle against Mother Nature and becoming a permanent part of the landscape...

I adore the way these old vehicles look with skin tones.

Our neighbor Tom gave us permission to use his beautiful truck for a little photo session, and while asking permission Astrid got to feed his ducks, chickens and also a couple mules who are staying in his paddock.

Day 39 - 35.6. The wall color in our bedroom has been a bone of contention since I painted it when Jeff was hunting a couple years ago... He calls it our "Shrek" room, but I think he secretly likes it. I am crazy about it in photographs.

I grabbed this butterfly that was sitting on my dresser thinking it would add a little color... I like the effect and the symbolism of this little creature. My sister, Genevieve hand painted it. It had fallen off a butterfly mobile she made for me a few years ago.

Day 40!! -> 35.7. I finished sewing up the seam and blocking the nesting boxes blanket for Baby Moore. I wish the seam could have looked more "seamless" but as it was it took me 2 hours of trial and error. I want to make an adult version of this someday and wrap myself in a rainbow.

Astrid thought I looked like a super hero. She wanted me to pretend I was flying. I took the shot of me "flying" - but it was not the's what we got instead.

...and another butterfly joined me, today, too.

Day 41 -> 36 wks. Hiking the "M" this evening we got some double takes on the well traveled 14-switchback trail... Out to HERE pregnant, tripod in one hand, camera dangling in the other, Skagit tangling us at every turn, me - directing both girls to one side or the other when people passed. We managed to have a lot of fun!

I usually have to carry Astrid at least a little bit. Tonight marked the VERY FIRST TIME Astrid walked up this far with no carrying! 'Bout time, little one! Seriously I was so proud of this girl of mine!

Day 42 -> 36.2. Tonight I had it in my head that I wanted to get another night shot. This time on the "M" trail. I played around with the ISO, focus and aperture, and found I liked this ghostly shot the best. I LOVE this town I call home! Missoula!!!! Astrid and this new little one will be natives of this place!

Montana is in our roots, I was telling Astrid today that her Great Grampy Eldred Folsom was born in Eastern Montana on a homestead in a place called Roundup. She and I agreed that we would make a trip over there to a rodeo to see some cowboys this summer (with Baby, of course, and maybe Dad).

Day 43 -> 36.3. Yes, this is a piss poor attempt. But staying true to my project, I'm posting it, here. Yes, I'm too long for this bathtub (at least for a photo), yes, my lens was not the right one to use, yes, there is a lot wrong with it.

...but, hey, it is what it is!
More to come soon!  
Hope you are documenting your life this week!!!!